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Fly Ash Brick Plant:
Available in varoius plant model/capacity FBP 500,1000,1200,1800 etc

Solar Power:
For house hold and commercial uses, it gives in dependency and ease during power cut

Incenses Sticks:
Exotic natural and scented inscense sticks are available for exports

Available for usage in Thermal Power Plants, Sugar Factories, Steel Furnaces in bulk qty. only

Imported machinery with fabrication integrated from national companies in range from 1HL till 10 HL

Brand Franchise:
Franchise of different brands consulting support provided along with license clearances

Recent Work:
Various current works accomplished in technology transfer and business consulting
among which few of them are start ups and micro enterprises

Patent/Copyright Counseling and filing

Successfully filed are from field of music and art,software, engineering etc

Exclusive Waste management industry to be established with segregation mechanism at its plant itself ,study done for 60mt per day

Our Expertise:
Our expertise are in various trades such as Business Consulting , Outsourcing, business Support, Business Strategy, IPR/ ISO services,

Knowledge Is Worshiped Every Where
It’s true knowledge is ultimate source of every successful work and so it only comes from hard work and experiences ; thus helping people in business