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Turnkey Projects

  • Brick Making PlantsThe Various Kind Of Projects in Industries Like Fly Ash Bricks Machine Manufacturing, AAC Block Plant Machinery, Concrete Blocks Machine Manufacturing, Ceramic Industry, Cement Industry, Construction Industry Engineering Manufacturing Industry, Process & Chemical Industry, Agro Industry etc. 





  • Microbreweries :A microbrewy or craft brewery is a brewery that produces small amounts of beer (or sometimes root beer), typically much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries, and is independently owned. Such breweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavor and brewing technique.




  • Fruit Juice PlantsOpen a juice factory to manufacture a variety of juice drink products made from fruits and vegetables. Many retail outlets including grocery and specialty food stores carry juice drinks. Operating a juice factory requires patience, planning and the ability to grow and expand as the market demands.




  • Sugarcane PlantsSugar occurs in greatest quantities in sugarcane and sugar beets from which sugar is separated economically and commercially. Chemical formula – c12H22O11; Molecular weight – 342; Density = 1.58 kg/m3; Sucrose is soluble in water but slightly soluble in methyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol.



  • R.O. Water PlantsA reverse osmosis plant is a manufacturing plant where the process of reverse osmosis takes place. An average modern reverse osmosis plant needs six kilowatt-hours of electricity to desalinate one cubic meter of water. The process also results in an amount of salty briny waste.





  • Biotechnology – Tissue Culture Lab: Tissue culture is the growth of tissues or cells separate from the organism. This is typically facilitated via use of a liquid, semi-solid, or solid growth medium, such as broth or agar. Tissue culture commonly refers to the culture of animal cells and tissues, with the more specific term plant tissue culture being used for plants.





  • Solar power EPC: Solar Power projects are a great need to our nation to fulfill our energy needs for raising industry and to meet domestic consumption. We provide turnkey Solutions at economic pricing from 1MW and above.